Youth Covenant Statement

Youth Covenant Statement

I have willingly chosen to participate in Second Presbyterian Church’s Youth Ministry. As a participant, I will work towards the goals of SPC Youth Ministry and building our group into a Christian community by…

❖ Participating whole-heartedly and enthusiastically in all the activities planned for our group and also being respectful of the entire group’s need to participate.

❖ Speaking up when I have a problem, need or concern. Physical or verbal fighting is not acceptable, if you are having difficulty with anyone, please express your concerns to a chaperone immediately.

❖ Listening/Responding to the needs of others.

❖ Following the guidance of the adult leadership.

❖ Respecting other’s property or rights, and abiding by the house rules.

❖ NOT using controlled substances (cigarettes, alcohol or drugs) or promoting use of these substances in our community.

❖ NOT leaving the event grounds at any time without an adult leader present.

❖ Encouraging others to understand and abide by the above covenant and striving, as a Christian, to live as a supportive member of the group and as an example of faith and belief to those with whom we are in contact.

❖ Understanding that no one may go uninvited into anyone’s room & no boys may enter into girls rooms and no girls boys rooms.

❖ Understanding that any type of bullying, disrespecting, and/or excluding of members on the trip or after is unacceptable behavior (this includes social media, texting, and other electronic communications). I will demonstrate love and care for others.

❖ Understanding that Reckless behavior on the trip will result in the discontinuation of that activity and the need to remain by the side of a chaperone for the remainder of the time on the Mission Trip.

I understand that success in abiding by this covenant will result in a positive group environment and experience. I also understand that failure to abide by any of these guidelines may result in my being sent home at my parents’ expense, including the need for a parent to come pick participant up.

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