Funerals, Memorial Services, and the Labyrinth Memorial Garden

Funerals, Memorial Services, and the Labyrinth Memorial Garden

“In the face of death, we affirm with tears and joy the good news of the gospel and the hope of the resurrection. We do not grieve in isolation, but are sustained by the power of the Holy Spirit and the community of faith.”

(PCUSA Directory for the Worship of God, W-4.07 01)

In the Presbyterian tradition, funerals, or memorial services typically occur in a place of worship, and those services are considered Services of Worship as we celebrate the resurrection and the life of the one who has died.

All services or funerals at Second are under the direction of the church’s pastor, although other pastors may be invited to participate.  The musician for the church will be the church’s Director of Music.   Funerals and memorial services can take place either in the Sanctuary or the smaller Chapel, depending on the needs and preferences of the family.   Consistent with our denomination’s polity, fraternal, civic or military rites must be conducted at a separate time and place. 

Our current funeral/memorial service policies are here.

Labyrinth Memorial Garden

Labyrinth Memorial Garden at Second Presbyterian

In 2007, Second Presbyterian Church dedicated a new sacred space on our church grounds, the Labyrinth Memorial Garden. It is a keeping place, dedicated to the memory of those whose cremated remains will lie here at the church in perpetuity in a brick-walled columbarium surrounding the meditation labyrinth that is set amongst a garden of flowering trees and shrubs. It is also a gathering place, dedicated to celebration and solemnity, praise and meditation.

Church is the center of some of our most personal and lasting memories. Here, we attend and participate in baptisms, confirmations, weddings, and memorial services. Church is a sacred place where tears and laughter are joined with prayers and messages of God’s everlasting promise of mercy and love. The Labyrinth Memorial Garden is a sacred place for prayer, remembrance, and meditation.

Memorial Wall

The Memorial Wall provides an opportunity for another personal and lasting memory. It offers a way to remember and honor friends and family whose final resting place may be elsewhere, embossed on bronze plaques with memories of love and endearment. This space is especially well suited as a place of remembrance and prayer, perhaps much closer than our family cemeteries.

If you wish to learn more about interment  in the Columbarium, or dedicated plaques on the Labyrinth Memorial Wall, please contact the church office to be put in touch with a member of the Labyrinth Memorial Garden Committee. In whatever way you choose to celebrate those you love and miss, may their memories be a blessing to you.