Thanksgiving Baskets for Woodbourne-McCabe

Thanksgiving Baskets for Woodbourne-McCabe

Items Collected Through November 20th
This year we are collecting 20 Thanksgiving Bags for the Woodbourne-McCabe neighborhood. 

Each bag will include:
1 12-15lb Turkey*
1 can sweet potatoes/yams (23-29oz can)
4 cans vegetables (example: green beans, peas or corn-15oz cans)
1 can of cranberry sauce
1 box of instant mashed potatoes
1 box/bag of stuffing
2 cans of gravy
2 boxes of mac and cheese
1 box of brownie mix

*We are collecting turkeys and roasting pans for these baskets.  Please contact Jenn DiFrancesco if you are able to provide a turkey.

TIPS FOR PACKING: Pack large cans on bottom & lighter items on top. If possible use a Reusable Grocery Bag /OR a double brown grocery bag inserted in a plastic bag. Mark bags as COMPLETE or INCOMPLETE (list what is missing).
DO NOT pack Turkey in the bag.

Please leave bags in Mission Corner. Any bags that we cannot complete with donated items will be donated to the CARES Food Pantry.