Sunday, May 19th Worship: 10 AM Single Service | John 13:31-35 “Marvel”

Sermons from August 2015

Sounds of Salvation

Think of all the ways you hear sounds of salvation in your life. What do they sound like? … from the drip, drip, drip of baptismal waters rolling off a babies’ forehead at the font; to — what? the squeal of a baby- their first laugh…. Maybe its the ‘thank you- bless you” that you hear from the fellow on the street corner who asks you for change/ always… and you give it to him. Or, maybe its the sound of a church organ, playing “A Mighty Fortress”- or, the piano- warming up for the doxology… or?? (name some…. Sounds in your life… that speak to you of salvation, a heavenly healing…)

God for us, in us, with us

Jesus’ foundational identity, reclaimed in prayer, moved him away from the crowds that sought him.

He was better able to recharge his batteries, as it were, on his own. No, that’s not quite right. Jesus was better able– like all of us, to tap into God’s graciousness in solitude and serenity rather than in the midst of the maddening, demanding crowd. It is a gift that is necessary for all of us, and a gift that we too often dismiss, to our own detriment.