Holy Listening

Holy Listening

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Are you IN?  During this exciting next phase of our Holy Listening exercise, we are forming research teams to identify specific things that our church can do as a congregation to address these three areas:

Homelessness in our community

At-risk children in our community

Church renewal

Research teams are meeting.

Please jump IN and join one of these teams by clicking on the links to e-mail your interest to the team leaders.

I’m  IN to find ways that our church can help address homeless in Baltimore.

I’m IN to find ways that our church can help at-risk children in Baltimore.

I’m IN to look for ways that can help our church community feel more connected.

SPC Internal Listening Group – Update to Congregation (May 18, 2014)

What is “Holy Listening”?

What Second calls “Holy Listening” grew out of a nine-month process of study and discernment by an ad-hoc committee of church members seeking a renewed purpose, vision and inspiration for Second. 2011 had concluded a multi-year period of energy and dedication on the part of the congregation that created a highly successful capital campaign and resulted in a $5 million renovation of the church and more than $650,000 in donations to several significant mission projects.  By 2012, some felt that it was time to find new sources of inspiration and mission around which the congregation could coalesce.

Phase I – “Holy Listening” Exercises

In October 2013, the congregation –divided into small groups and led by trained facilitators–  engaged in a process of “Holy Listening”  to focus on specific areas of potential new mission growth.  These exercises allowed us to hear the wealth of insight, inspiration, hopes, and dreams that we all share, members of the church and friends as well.