August 19th Summer Worship Service: 10 AM in the Chapel | Acts 19:21-41 “Discern, Disclose, Dismantle”
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November 5, 2016 9:45AM-12:15PM

A couple of years ago our Second Pres youth and Acts4Youth came together to do work in our Baltimore community.  It was so much fun that we are doing it again.  The ShineIntoWomanhood girls (4th-7th grade) have invited our girls (4th-7th grade) to do a morning cleanup in the community.   Loyola University students will also be joining in the fun! All materials and tools will be provided. 

We will meet at the York Road Initiative’s Office (5104 York Road) at 9:45AM and will be finished by 12:15PM.  If interested, please contact Jenn DiFrancesco