2013 Daily Advent Devotionals

2013 Daily Advent Devotionals

This Advent you are invited to “Sense Jesus Again for the First Time” by reading the daily devotionals and viewing the accompanying images that are reflections by members of Second Presbyterian Church on selected words of the prophets and texts that relate to our five senses.

Click on the links below to be connected to each day’s devotional.

December 1: First Sunday in Advent Poem     Reflection by the Rev. Jenn DiFrancesco

December 2: Psalm 34:8     Reflection by Katherine Murphy

December 3: 2 Corinthians 5:1-7     Reflection by Jim  Kucher

December 4: Mark 8:22-26     Reflection by Mari Quint

December 5: John 10:11-18     Reflection by Gene Haupt

December 6: Genesis 8:20-21      Reflection by Leslie Owsley

December 7: Isaiah 2:1-5    Reflection by James Woods

December 8: Second Sunday in Advent: Peace

December 9: Luke 18:15-16    Reflection by Ray Herman

December 10: Matthew 5:13    Reflection by Kerri Classen

December 11: Psalm 66:5     Reflection by Heather Warnack

December 12: Mark 4:9-12 Reflection by Joyce Zimmerman; artwork by Katherine Kleiser

December 13: Ephesians 5:1-2     Reflection by Jean Coates; artwork by Maggie Paulk

December 14: Isaiah 11:1-10     Reflection by Gail and Bernie Levy

December 15:      Third Sunday in Advent: Joy

December 16: Mark:25-34     Reflection by Second Presbyterian Youth Class; artwork by Shelby Herndon

December 17: Jeremiah 15:16     Reflection by Jennifer Gilbert; artwork by her son, Michael Gilbert

December 18: Luke 2:25-32     Reflection by J T Paulk; artwork by his daughter, Maggie Paulk

December 19: Matthew 13:15-17     Reflection by Barbara Newbauer

December 20: 2 Corinthians 2:14-16     Reflection by Sarah Slingluff

December 21: Isaiah 35:1-10     Reflection by Geoffrey Hardin

December 22: Fourth Sunday in Advent: Love

December 23: Matthew 8:1-4     Reflection by Charles Herndon

December 24: Mark 9:1-3     Reflection by Thom Kuhl

December 25: Luke 2:1-20     Reflection by The Rev. Dr. Tom Blair