Pastor’s Welcome

Pastor’s Welcome

Welcome to Second Presbyterian Church!

Associate Pastor Jenn DiFrancesco, Senior Pastor Tom Blair, and Associate Pastor Amy Carlson

Jesus says that those who seek are those who will find. Whether you are looking for a new church home, a safe place to visit, a place where you can be still or be informed or even inspired, Second Presbyterian has much to offer.

We know that it can feel awkward to venture into a new spiritual community, and we’re aware that it is a big step- but you are not alone in your seeking. We firmly believe that a person can know God here, and that in our seeking, we can learn to share of ourselves, and in so doing also serve, knowing that growing closer to God and others is worth the risk.

As you cruise through this website you will see a lot going on involving infants to seniors, singles and couples, some born and raised in Baltimore and many others who were not but have become part of the fabric of life of this vibrant faith community.

We want Second Presbyterian Church to reflect the hospitality and diversity of this city, to welcome all in Christ’s name with open arms and open hearts. We are single, married, divorced, and LGBTQ+, all part of the body of Christ. We are many voices but one people who together seek to glorify God, to share the love of Christ, and to serve those who we are led to in Jesus’ name.

As you’ll find out when you come visit us, we are ‘church’. You’d never mistake this building for anything else. We’ve been a Christian congregation for over 215 years. We are a group of people that want to follow the way Jesus would have us live, doing what we hear God calling us to do, best we can. None of us have gotten it perfect yet, but we keep trying.

Blessings to you & yours,
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The Rev. Dr. Tom Blair

"Laying on of hands" for the installation of new church officers
“Laying on of hands” for the installation of new church officers