New COVID Protocols Approved

New COVID Protocols Approved

The Session of Second Presbyterian Church approved a new set of COVID protocols on August 17, 2021 listed below. 

1. In addition to the mandate to wear masks inside all Church buildings currently in place, Second Presbyterian Church strongly endorses the practice of physical distancing as well as the avoidance of physical contact.

2.  In concert with the Christian Nurture Council’s desire, Sunday School will take place in person this fall. All participants will be expected to wear a mask. Teachers will be encouraged to hold class outside when possible. The large classrooms will be used, and they will be set for physical distancing. No refreshments will be offered.

3. Nursery care will not be offered at this time.

4. Coffee may be served outside for fellowship time, but no snacks or other food will be offered. Smaller groups such as Councils/Committees are allowed to serve food at indoor meetings, but the leader is to check with those who are expected to be present to determine if all are comfortable with food being served and should ensure appropriate physical distancing is possible.

5. As has been the practice, external groups need Session approval before meeting at Second but internal groups do not.

6. Should the City’s mask mandate be lifted, or the situation change dramatically, the EMT will formulate recommendation(s) to Session regarding any changes to Second’s masking policy or other COVID related protocols and policies.

7. Current protocols will be placed on the church website.

8. These protocols and policies supplant any previous COVID protocols established by session in the past.

Congregational singing and choir is allowed as long as all are masked.
It is expected that food (boxed lunches) will be served at today’s picnic.