Lent 2020: MARKed by Christ

Lent 2020: MARKed by Christ

Mark’s brief Gospel shares numerous encounters as Jesus meets people in all kinds of life situations. In Mark’s Gospel, everyone matters. They may be very ill, very self-centered, very possessive, or very set in their ways (not unlike us.) Mark’s brevity demands our attention.

And Jesus joins in their life’s journeys. He understands people all too well, undercutting self-defenses and delivering invitations (albeit challenging ones) to all who will hear.

Can we allow ourselves to be touched by Jesus this season and take some new steps along with him in our journey of faithfulness?

Lenten Bible Study

This Lenten Season, as a part of our series MARKED by Christ, we will continue the Lenten tradition of offering a Bible Study. Together in community we will read and reflect on the Gospel of Mark.

This year, we are trying something new by offering this Bible Study via Zoom, an online video chat. Zoom is very user friendly and will enable us to gather from the comfort of our homes without interrupting busy family schedules, worrying about driving at night or in inclement weather, and even allowing our members who live out of state to participate as well!

Our zoom study will take place on Monday evenings at 7:30 PM. For those who prefer to meet in person we will also be offering a Bible Study at 9 AM on Thursday mornings. Through the study of scripture we will open our hearts to recognize how we have been MARKED by Christ and called to be disciples.