Sunday, May 19th Worship: 10 AM Single Service | John 13:31-35 “Marvel”

Special “Hate Has No Home Here,” unity rally at Maryland Presbyterian Church

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

On Sunday evening a sign outside Maryland Presbyterian Church that declared love for LGBTQ people, immigrants and Muslims was vandalized with hate speech.

Baltimore Sun article

WBAL TV Report

Maryland Presbyterian Church is organizing a unity rally, “Hate Has No Home Here,” scheduled for 10 AM, Sunday, February 17, at the church at 1105 Providence Road. Rev Amy Carlson will be attending to demonstrate solidarity and to share a ministry of presence for the presbytery and the communities that were victimized by this hate crime. If you would like to participate in the rally, please contact Pastor Amy!

The Pastor of MPC, Rev. David Norse, offers these words: “For me, it’s really important that someone, and their hatred and bigotry, doesn’t get to tell anyone where they get to feel safe or where they get to feel loved.” He added, “It’s important to me to put the signs back up and light them up to show resiliency, but also that the vandal doesn’t win. Their message of hate doesn’t win.”


Rev. Dr. Tom Blair, Rev. Jenn DiFrancesco & Rev. Amy Carlson