Join us on our Lenten Journey through Luke

Join us on our Lenten Journey through Luke

As we approach Luke’s Gospel in study and sermon during this season of Lent, I hope and pray that it may it bring each of us closer to the one who is the centerpiece of the story– how our common Lord lived and acted, loved and shared, so that our own lives may mirror that of Jesus.

In addition to our weekly sermons, there are additional opportunities throughout Lent to explore Luke in greater depth.

Lenten Devotional – Reading through Luke
This year for our journey through Lent, we are encouraging our congregation to join in a daily devotional practice of reading scripture as together we read the Gospel of Luke. Your three pastors have created a guide that will lead us through each chapter. Pick up your copy today.
The daily scripture reading begins February 14th on Ash Wednesday. We are looking forward to this exciting journey through the gospel together!

Weekly Lenten Bible Study with the Pastors
Sundays in Lent beginning on February 18th, 10 AM in Room B (along corridor leading to the chapel)
Beginning in Lent the preacher of the day will be meeting with members who would like to further their Bible study of the gospel text in the crying room at 10:00am. This will begin on the first Sunday in Lent on February 18th.

Lenten Ladies Bible Study
Alternating Thursdays & Fridays, February 16- April 5, 10 AM in the Westcott Room
Our weekly Ladies Lenten Bible Study of the Gospel of Luke began this Friday. While each week will connect, you do not have to come every week to participate.  Please come based on what days work best for your schedule. We will meet at 10 am in the Westcott Room. Coffee and Pastries will be provided. This will be our spiritual practice during Lent to read scripture and gather to study and reflect.


February 16 (Friday)
February 22  (Thursday)
March 2  (Friday)
March 8  (Thursday)
March 16 (Friday)
March 22 (Thursday)
March 30  (Friday)
April 5 (Thursday)