Sunday, June 23rd Worship: 10 AM in the Chapel | 1 Corinthians 12:1-31 “A Gift to be Opened”

Advent Journeys

This Advent you are invited to journey from Baltimore to Bethlehem for the Great ADVENTure. Experience the journey in every step you take during the season of Advent, and by reading the daily devotionals that are reflections by members of Second Presbyterian Church on selected journey-focused Biblical texts.

Let’s Walk!

Join us for the journey to Bethlehem, the place where we are met by Emmanuel, God with us! Our journey isn’t just spiritual, but also physical.  Preparing for Jesus isn’t just something we do for our spirits, but during this Advent we are also challenged to care for our whole selves, including our bodies.

So, as a congregation, we are going to walk from BALTIMORE To BETHLEHEM! Want to participate?  It’s as easy as keeping a daily record of how many steps you take. Walking, running, biking, skateboarding, swimming or any physical exercise could be used and converted into steps (or miles). Bring your weekly “step count” to church where they will be added with others and displayed on a map to show our collective progress on the journey. All ages and stages of life can participate. Use this time of exercise to celebrate God’s presence, pray, or listen for God’s leading in your life; prepare yourself for the ADVENT of Christ.

So, let’s talk numbers:
There are 5,105.8 nautical miles between Baltimore and Bethlehem.
That is approximately 10,783,450 steps.
Which means each member of our congregation needs to take 20,000 steps during Advent (November 30-Dec 25)

Take 30 seconds to fill out our online form to share with us how far you “traveled” on this journey from Baltimore to Bethlehem. Together, we can make this 5,000 plus mile trip.

Journey through Advent with Words and Images: Daily Devotionals

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November 30: First Sunday in Advent      First Sunday in Advent

December 1:      Deuteronomy 10:12     Devotional by Mark Felder

December 2:     Acts 1:2     Devotional by Mari Quint

December 3     Jonah 3:3     Devotional by Scott Silverwood

December 4     Deuteronomy 10:12     Devotional by Jim Kucher

December 5     Acts 10:9     Devotional by Joyce Zimmerman

December 6     Ezra 7:9     Devotional by Mari Quint

December 7     Isaiah 7:14     Second Sunday in Advent

December 8     Mark 10:17     Devotional by Bethany Dietz

December 9     Joshua 9:11     Devotional by Jaye Crooks

December 10     Genesis 12:1     Devotional by Sallie Patterson Miller

December 11     Acts 9:3     Devotional by Geoffrey Hardin

December 12     Deuteronomy 1:33     Devotional by Charles Herndon

December 13     John 4:6     Devotional by Ray Herman

December 14     Isaiah 9:6-7     Third Sunday in Advent

December 15     Luke 9:3     Devotional by Andrew Birmingham

December 16     1 Kings 19:7     Devotional by Julie Evans

December 17     Mark 13:34     Devotional by Becky Ferrell

December 18     Luke 1:26-38     Devotional by Sheri Slezak

December 19     Luke 1:39-45

December 20     Luke 1:46-56

December 21     Micah 5:1-2     Fourth Sunday in Advent

December 22     Luke 2:1-7

December 23     Luke 2:8-14

December 24     Luke 2:8-14

December 25     Christmas Day