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Discover Your Second Family

Become a Member

Membership Requirements

All that is required of members is to:

  • Confess the Christian faith;
  • Trust in Christ as our savior;
  • Promise to follow Christ and Christ’s example for living;
  • Commit oneself to attend church and to become involved in its work.

In addition, there is the promise to live a Christian life and to seek and accept God’s forgiveness when we fail. Members have a commitment to grow in the knowledge of and commitment to this faith. Membership is an adventure with God to live a different kind of life.

How to Become a Member

There are three ways to become a member of Second Presbyterian Church:

  • By confession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (including potential baptism)
  • By reaffirmation of faith (as a past member)
  • By transfer of church membership from another church.

Before joining Second Church, potential members attend our membership classes which introduce the history and organization of our church and helps potential members understand what our church is all about. The class is offered as a series over four consecutive Sundays periodically during the year.

For more information, and to sign up, contact The Rev. Dr. Thomas Blair, Joyce Zimmerman, or call the church office at 410.467.4210.

Membership Classes

Inquirers’ classes allow us to get to know each other, to learn about the beliefs, commitments, organization, staff, life and activities and the mission of this church you’re considering joining. In our brief class time we won’t be able to accomplish all of this, but we can get a good start and begin a process in hope and faith. The first major topic covered is the basic nature of our church and why we come together as a community.

As we begin to share something of ourselves with each other, who we are and why we are here, we explore beliefs we hold in common as a church. What does the Presbyterian Church believe? What does the congregation at Second Church believe? We look at how our church is structured, the organization of the Presbyterian Church and its history.

The Christian Church has always served others as the way of living out its beliefs in daily life. How do we serve? Who do we serve? What is the importance of this Christian stewardship? Finally, we discuss what Second Church expects of its members and what members should expect from Second Church.

Membership is an adventure with God to live a different kind of life.

We believe every Christian has a responsibility before God to use our time, talent and resources, not only in the church, but in common life in the service of God. We are ambassadors who carry a message wherever we go and servants of God in whatever we are doing with our lives in the world.

Who can join?

G-4.0403  Full Participation

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) shall give full expression to the rich diversity within its membership and shall provide means which will assure a greater inclusiveness leading to wholeness in its emerging life. Persons of all racial ethnic groups, different ages, both sexes, various disabilities, diverse geographical areas,  different theological positions consistent with the Reformed tradition, as well as different marital conditions (married, single, widowed, or divorced) shall be guaranteed full participation and access to representation in the decision making of the church. ( G-9.0104ff)

What does it mean to be Presbyterian?

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is a 2.5 million-member denomination, with over 11,000 congregations of all sizes in every state. Our roots lie in the Reformed branch of the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century.  We worship a sovereign God whose gracious love is a reality in this world, made visible in Jesus Christ. The word “Presbyterian” means we are a church governed by elected elders. Both men and women are elected by the church to the ordained offices of elder, deacon, and minister.  Presbyterians love a democratic and representative form of church government, a dignified yet spiritual act of worship, an emphasis on educating the mind as well as reaching the soul. We are ecumenical in sacrament and service.

Questions and Information

If you have any questions about joining this church or if you need help in finding your place in the many activities, programs, and the life of Second Presbyterian Church, please contact: The Reverend Dr. Tom Blair, Pastor, by phone (410-467-4210) or email.